Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Another day they wont take from us

Well the best day so far, everything seemed just right and boy was it. The Ducks got up well.

Then for me the best bit of the day, although they could not be shot due to them flying over the boundary, a covey of about 12 English Gentleman, dressed for Ascot, the redlegs are great sport but unlike the English they will never make it into the Royal enclosure. On the same drive some good pheasants taken as well.

We moved up to the small valley drive next and once again the partridge showed beautifully this time a covey of 18 or so redlegs, but once again being light on guns we could not take full advantage.

At this the poorer end of the shoot we have used straw bales with a super food mix in, we do not think it a coincidence that the birds showed so well we feel we may have hit things right with feed and the way we now make the birds take the feed.

The 11 acre cover crop produced two excellent High pheasants for Andrew who took them well and even more partridge pushes out of cover, this is the sort of day we could have done with being over subscribed as we are for the next two shoots, then all pegs would have been manned.

After lunch it was to the ghylls, the wind had built up by this time the dogs as usual were doing a sterling job, a single pheasant came down the line and I have to say it came at quite a lick with the wind behind it, I missed but Mike took it superbly, the ghylls produced some lovely birds and when the winds up you have to be on the ball.

This is the game cart just before I had to leave, and in my best east end barrow boy accent, don't you go looking for the quantity, you jus look at the quality of dem there birds luv.

Reported back to since the shoot the snipe field was a corker, in an earlier post I mentioned about the dingly dell pegs, Mike pulled off two fantastic snap shots, and it should not go unnoticed the shots that John pulled out of the bag, each and every shot, each and every bird taken were memorable for all, if we can repeat this over the remaining shoots we will have done our jobs well. A marvelous day, bring on the next.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Up to his neck in it

Well almost, Friday night last Captain of Shoot, Haystack and Silage decided to go and feed up, this in the pitch black down a steep embankment on to boggy ground, you can guess what happens can you not dear reader.

Captain of Shoot has a Dr Foster moment, steps into a puddle right up to his middle, as a gentleman I would have saved dear old CofS, but dear reader I was not there.

The saving as it was, was left to Haystack and Silage (the keystone cops would have been proud), a comedy of errors neither wanting to get too close in case they sank, CofS sinking ever deeper as he still had a bag of feed on his shoulder pleading with the lads to help him, I am pleased to report that CofS was evetually pulled free minus his wellies.

As I was not there the need to be gentlemanly was not so pressing and it is only now that I have stopped laughing that I can tell you the story.

Tomorrow shoot 3 report, from supafeeds to super shot, and quality birds, Until tomorrow then dear reader.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Another Day They Cannot Take From Us

My apologies dear reader, I am somewhat late with my second report. It was a foggy day to say the least though the ducks done us proud once again.

We have refined a couple of the drives after the first shoot, we had some extra beaters, Mrs farmers Wife and Number One Daughter of Mine, they worked like Trojans a special well done to them.

Mrs Captain of Shoot also joined us, she is hoping to be a regular gun all of these ladies most certainly made for interesting conversation at lunch time, no stories of big game hunts from Teddy and Ozzy when they were boy soldiers in the Crimea, none of the exploits of Haystack. But things had to stop when scatter cushions were mentioned for the lunch hut.

There are always within lunch huts across the country higher levels of topics that we gentlemen guns attend to, most recently how stupid the video ref was at the rugby world cup, how much better arsenal are than chelsea, the price of wheat and/or barley and is it not about time that the countryside organizations forget the egos and get together under one organisation to speak up for all country pursuits.

All in all a rather good day.

A rusty coloured devil

At last it has been spotted an old wiley dog fox. Haystack and Silage have been dispatched to deal with it. We have had quite a number of Partridge taken, hopefully a couple of stints should see this devil packed straight back to hell.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Another Day They Can't Take From us

I almost started with " what a Glorious sight", I realised of course that that would be really stretching it.

From L to R we have Teddy, Les, Mike, Alastair, Haystack the Keeper, Captain of Shoot and Steve, noticeable absentees Myself taking the pics and Andrew who was at the back of the Land rover doing I know not what, I had thought he had raced off to bag himself a good position for the ducks.

Other absentees, Ozzie get well soon, Silage who is back at college, John hard at work, Conor at school & Ollie in Saudi they will we hope all join us soon, and jolly good it will be to see them.

The day was mild, a shame as we had had some nice cold mornings leading up to the shoot, but to the ducks, we had an unexpected disturbance that put up the 250 plus duck before we were in position with the dogs. What an awesome sight, each and every duck flew well and high. We were to say the least surprised just how quickly they got up to shootable height, especially first time out in previous seasons they have started quite low and throughout the season got higher quicker, not this lot. As always we limited the amount of duck to three per person or when Captain of shoot feels enough and blows the whistle for the end of the drive. We will, at a couple of shoots flight in the ducks as we have at least 70 birds from previous seasons, it also makes things a bit more interesting.

The next couple of drives, due to the very mild weather, produced a couple of birds a piece though the dogs, Tim (lab) Hector (GSP) Ben & Rosie (Springers) worked well, it was also the first time all the dogs had worked together, that in itself is always worth watching. If this little lot could not find a bird they were not in there.

To the old barn for lunch, the banter dear reader is not for gentle ears.

After lunch it was a walk and a half for Andrew and myself, all the way down to the dingly dell amongst the pixie houses, as you can see from the picture an ideal spot for pixies and high birds, Andrew is getting ready. This is part of a much bigger drive taking in the snipe field (see map).

The picture is a bit deceiving as the time you get to shoot is no time at all, but any bird you drop you feel is good shot, as the foliage drops from the trees pegs 4 & 5 will be much sort after.

Again our last two drives in the cover crop produced little today, given a few frosty mornings we will see change, but for this little merry band that is what it is all about dear reader, not the size of the bag (27 today), but the variety, duck, partridge, pheasant, snipe and rabbit, it is the variety of the weather and of nature itself, we know we will have good days we know we will have not so good days, because with the company we keep and the little bit of the countryside we have, we cannot have a bad day.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Something for the youngsters

This next drive we call The Gills I have hidden 3 pheasents in the picture, it is just something for our youngest shots to do whilst Dads read the blog, So Haystack, Silage and Conn first one to find all the pheasents wins a prize from Captain of Shoot.

Another Drive

It seems that some of the drives lend themselves to artisic interpretation and some just do not. This one is Bottom End Drive, it is one of the two failed crops so we have to hope for the best.

The Farmer may have helped us out though, due to the price of wheat & corn, he has decided to grow his own (hopefully enough for us aswell).

He has used an adjacent field to sow the crop, if we lose out a bit on pheasent we may gain on pidgeon.